Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Perkasa and Ibrahim - should be under close observation at all time

Perkasa counter rally against one that Bersih is organizing on the 9th July should be condemned as its leader Ibrahim is igniting racial tension. Calling on the Chinese to stay in door on the 9th of July with enough food stock is unbearable to hear. It was a crude display of irresponsible leader and this has got to be stopped instantaneously.

His statement was an outright seditious and that reflects his personal lack of common sense in his public discourse. Hence he should be in solitary confinement immediately. Ibrahim is the reincarnation of Chin Peng the chairman of the outlawed Communist Party of Malaya who openly declared to hoist up arms for power.

Ibrahim’s intention is to counter peaceful rally by threatening that he will launch bloody uprising.  He is now suggesting that the Chinese to stay at home with enough food stock as anything can happen on the 9th. Therefore this blog firmly advise the Police and the KDN to suppress the move by Perkasa as it endangers the nation’s security. The focus shouldn’t be on Bersih but instead on Perkasa.

If there is an imminent arrest the first person to be detained should be Ibrahim Ali not Ambiga not Mat Sabu and not Anwar or Haji Hadi. Politically Ibrahim is doing a lot of counter productive moves that make UMNO/BN facing an infinite difficulty in soliciting effort to regain the people support.

BUT UMNO is quick in denying that Ibrahim’s action is the actual manifestation of UMNO or the Malays. Khairy himself is pressing for Ibrahim to be arrested and put in confinement for a period allowable by law of the country. A few of Ibrahim’s supporters crossly called me and asked me to choose one: Ibrahim or Ambiga. I told them that I choose anyone who does not talk or disseminate racial excitement. I don’t care who. I told them plainly that I was deeply in love with my country and I don’t have any intention to flirt around with Ibrahim or Ambiga.

I have deep love for the Malays but I don’t harp on racial issues for my personal political agenda if there is any. Like many others I am too worn-out by racial issues as every Malaysian has to admit that no one can go without the other. Malays have the special rights provided by the constitution but it does not mean the Malays have the privilege of antagonizing others unilaterally.

For all intent and purposes Perkasa and Ibrahim should be observed by the authority at all times as he can be the biggest proponent among groups which are all out to destroy the interracial tolerance which currently is already at the lowest ebb.


  1. What is Bersih all about? Is it about race? Is it about the Malays or is it about Islam?

    As far as I can understand it; since my level of understanding is not equivalent to a frog; BERSIH is about a fair and transparent election process.

    So, is it wrong to ask for a fair and transparent election process? Kat mana yang salahnya?

    If all this is about election process, why do Perkasa need to bring a racial and religious element into it? Maybe that young man from Rembau who graduated from Oxford University and his friends from Tingkat 4 can enlighten me; maklumlah saya ni tak masuk Universiti, Oxford jauh sekali.

    Kalau tak ada salah dan silapnya untuk meminta supaya proses pilihanraya diadakan secara adil dan telus, maka sewajarnya lah semua lapisan masyarakat termasuklah ahli ahli politik baik dari parti pemerintah atau parti pembangkang menyokong BERSIH.

    Sekiranya ada yang tidak menyokong BERSIH, maka mestilah ada "udang disebalik batu". Kalau kita tak sokong kepada perkara yang baik maka bermakna kita menyokong kepada perkara yang batil!

  2. Katak ne jurucakap Madey je...nak ckp sendiri telor x.

  3. Tolak Perkasa ketepi, yang saya tak paham ni kenapa Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya susah sangat nak reform pilihahanraya? Bukankan permintaan BERSIH tu basic untuk pilihanraya yang adil? Kenapa nak jadi defensive pulak? Tak payah OXFORD graduate, budak sekolah pun buleh paham. Kalau pilihanraya dah bersih dan transparent, UMNO/BN ka, PR ka yang menang perintah lah negara. Aiyoo..............

  4. Dia ni tak tau nak organise demo sendiri, jadi bila ada orang nak buat tumpang sekaki kot-kot dapat nama juga. Kalau gentlemen buat lah hari lain. Contoh demo ANTI BERSIH 8 Julai atau 10 Julai,anjuran PERKASA & 500 NGO

    zahari awang

  5. Bersih is for a fairer,cleaner and transparent election.It means parties from opposing sides have to complete on a level playing field.Bersih is a multi racial NGO and should remain so.Anwar and the rest of PR leaders should stay away from this rally.Ordinary members of political parties from both divides could take part in the rally.If BN leaders accept Ms. Ambiga and LKS invitation then PR leaders could participate too.

    Abrahim Ali is only trying to protray that the Chinese are the only ones participating in the Bersih rally.That is why he is only screaming at the Chinese.He is trying to fool the Malays to rally around him.That is what he is being told by his handlers.But the truth is Malays form the majority in the Bersih crowd.

    What Umno doesn't understand is that scare tactics do not work anymore.Nowadays Malays are better educated and they like to decide for theirselves.They don't want to be led by their noses,especially by Umno.It is now an open secret that May 13 was planned by Abdul Razak and Harun Idris.They think that they can still fool the ordinary Malays.I think Malaysians won't be fooled a second time.If they do then they deserved Umno as their bedfellows.

  6. The latest threats of physical harm to rally organisers and participants should be expected coming from a lowdown scum from Umno.They Umno has set themselves on a path of no return.What was initially seen as a peaceful rally or demonstration has now turn ugly.The worst is still to come.

  7. Tuan Aspan

    A small correction in your posting...

    You said, "Malays have the special rights provided by the constitution but it does not mean the Malays have the privilege of antagonizing others unilaterally. "

    The Constitution SAID, "PRIVILEGES", not RIGHTS.

    Perhaps, it was an unwitting mistake,which you could have meant the sentence to be as follows:

    "Malays have the special PRVILEGES provided by the constitution but it does not mean the Malays have the RIGHT of antagonizing others unilaterally. "

    That would have sound correct, factually.

    Just a simple observation. I stand corrected.