Friday, 20 May 2011

Anwar should volunteer going to jail.

Paradoxical as it may sound, it's probably truer to say, if Anwar wants PR to win Putrajaya, he should volunteer going to prison. He has been saying been there done that so many times, perhaps we should take him on that.
Why will PR chances improve if the government jails him? First of all, BN will not have the bête noir to attack anymore. That will leave it exposed to counter attacks.
Without Anwar as target, what can BN speak about? People are tired of listening they should be thankful for this and that the government does. Why doesn't the government just shut up and allow the people to accept that bringing development is the responsibility of the government. Or should I say the responsibility of a responsible government.
As my friend Aspan says, no western world politicians go around reminding voters they have got piped water and electricity or that they have built roads here and there. They would probably be crucified if these amenities and facilities are found wanting. No western politician makes it a spectacle releasing fish fry into ponds or declaring open a public toilet. Only substance-challenged politicians do that nowadays.
So what can BN politicians talk about? They need to have a bogey man. They need an urban legend to keep people in line. That's Anwar.
So if Anwar wants PR to win, he needs to be in jail. After that, what will people talk and be reminded about? They shall think nothing but speak about the tyranny and evil of this government. The mother to the Indian IT tycoon will continue to pray to her lord to deliver Anwar and this country from this evil government.
Anwar in jail will mobilize and reawaken the sympathies of the people to Anwar. People will talk of a bullying government putting harm to a hapless man. Its Anwar blindfolded and kicked and punched once more.



  1. "Why doesn't the government just shut up and allow the people to accept that bringing development is the responsibility of the government." Ariff

    Wah.. power Dato...
    Moh makan kari kicap kat kg ketapang.

    Bagi tau kat org Pekan, buat jambatan guna duit rakyat, kontraktor dia sapu, dia yg untung pas tu nak mintak jasa dibalas pulak, apa dah...

  2. Tapi kan Dato'....banyak juga parti gabungan PKR menggunakan isu-isu yang melibatkan orang2 ternama, going by your argument, mereka ni juga harus volunteer jugak kut masok ke dalam (saya takut nak sebut nama lah bcoz mereka ada kuasa sumbat orang dalam jail).

    So, mungkin ada flaw juga tu in ur argument...

    But but...i fully agree, the current government needs to take accountability and responsibility to develop the nation and to bring prosperity to ALL rakyat.

  3. Dear Dato,You couldn't be more correct.Anwar should volunteer to go to jail.But that will not solve the problem.He should bring along Azmin for old times sake.That should at least solved part of the problem.Anwar is the stumbling block to PR becoming a formidable opposition party.Now the other problem is finding a strong leader to lead PKR.All the good leaders have left the party,the remaining are mostly yesman and clones of Anwar.The new leader must also be accepted by other members of PR. Najib sensing leadership problems in PKR can feel a sight of relief.Feeling less tense,more confident and relaxed,Najib lights a match to smoke a cigar.Before he can start enjoying his cigar,breaking news flashed across his telivision screen.It read "UMNO YOUTH JOINED PERKASA IN DEMONSTRATION ". Poor Najib,before he can enjoy the spoils of war,another incident happened again.Perkasa and Umno Youth were screaming out loud in support of Utusan's recent irresonsible Christians versus Muslims issue,infront of Utusans office.Why Umno Youth with Perkasa?Are the players in the other factions trying to undermine Najib.These trouble makers are openly taunting and provoking the authorities.They are trying to show the people that gangsters,extremists and religious bigots are allowed to run loose in public.The Perkasa and Umno Youth members are an embarassment and disgrace to society and their families for supporting racialism, extremism and fanning religious hatred.Even their family members hide their faces when they go out.They are ashamed of being labelled as relatives of them. If Najib have these trouble makers as political allies,who need enemies.I think Najib might consider Anwar as his future potential golfing buddy. p/s I tried several times posting comment without success.Will post under regards.soonhock

  4. 1 strategy yg bagus untuk PR

  5. Anwar Ibrahim deserved to put into jail for life whether he right or wrong. He has crossed the red line by putting his own party in risk and betayed his own country by destroying the image of the country. Opponent parties should move forward and to be pragmatic in their mission as Anwar Ibrahim is no more relevant and becoming lability.

  6. Hmm AA,

    Well, the US has allowed or even created people like OSAMA, MUBARAK, SADAM, the alqaedahs and talibans.

    and the US has also removed and killed OSAMA, SADAM and in pursuit of the rests.

    ANWAR was also their favourite boy and now he is also in line to be removed by his master.

    Willingly or unwillingly going to jail is irrelevant when ANWAR is becoming irrelevant and a liability to the US just like SADAM and OSAMA.

    If you take the enemies as your your wali, Allah will leave your fate to them.



  7. Dato',
    If the government put Anwar in jail using whatever judiciary justification that they will definitely do will be much more interesting.
    So Anwar should not volunteer but allow the stupid proceess to go on and bet you the awakening will be real scary for Jibby.
    My take is never volunteer anything with this government and let Jibby pay for the price of his own stupidity. He will be cursed as the way people are cursing the kutty family. Wanna bet sir!

  8. Salam Dato Ariff, Anwar adalah satu watak yang sukar untuk 'mati'. Hikayatnya mungkin lebih dari 2002 malam.

    Samada dalam, tepi atau luar penjara, dia akan jadi 'osama' bagi penyokong dan pemburunya.

  9. Dear Dato,Like I have commented several times on your blog Sakmongkal AK-47, Anwar is a liability to Pakatan Rakyat.He is irrelevant to the leadership.He should have stepped down a long time ago.If Najib is a smart politician,he will leave Anwar alone.Barisan Ministers,MPs and SA representatives trumpet small projects like they have conquered Mt. Everest,because they are either bankrupt of ideas,or they have emptied the coffers.This coming GE is about how good a chessplayer Najib is.It is how Najib will choose and place his "Knights" and "Pawns" to stand on Parliament and State seats to ensure his survival in Umno.Umno is now at its weakest,because of the many factions.If Najib played his game good,he is going to emerge a very strong victor.

  10. "People are tired of listening they should be thankful for this and that the government does"
    Siapa patut berterima kasih kepada siapa sebenarnya? Pemimpin BN angkuh, bodoh, sombong, berlagak, tidak amanah, dan segala apa sahaja tuduhan buruk yang mereka lemparkan kepada Anwar, sikap itu ada pada kebanyakan pemimpin Melayu BN. Tapi berlagak bersih! Tanpa rakyat mereka tak akan dapat duduk di tempat yang ada sekarang. Rakyat pilih mereka jadi mereka patut terima kasih kepada rakyat. Nak terima kasih untuk apa? Rakyat kena bayar semua hinggakan gaji yang pemimpin dapat itu pun dari duit cukai rakyat. Kalau dahulu bolehlah keliling kampung tipu orang Melayu. Sekarang PERKASA pulak nak cuba tiupkan semangat Melayu. Orang Melayu jahil sahaja yang akan mengikut.

  11. dear dato'

    saya amat bersetuju dgn tulisan dato' sekira nya anwar masuk penjara atau sukarela nak masuk penjara sebenarnya itu adalah 1 kemenangan buat PR, dengan sendiri nya rakyat marhain akan bersimpati dengan Anwar dan PR, kalau anwar masuk penjara awal, maka BN/UMNO sudah tidak ada isu lagi utk di spin oleh mainstream media, rakyat hanya akan tunggu bila GE13 nanti, dan mereka akan meluahkan protes mereka melalui peti-peti undi, dan kalau kita imbas kembali PRU 1999, dimana simpati anwar memuncak pada ketika itu keputusan PRU 1999 mencerminkan protes dan simpati rakyat kepada anwar, maka jatuh laa terengganu kepada PAS pada tahun 1999. jadi kalau anwar dipenjara sekali lagi maka GE13 juga akan melihat protes yg besar mungkin berlaku tsunami politik sekali lagi pada GE13 nanti, soal perbicaraan di mahkamah adil atau tidak adil itu rakyat sudah ada kesimpulan nya, samalah dgn keputusan mahkamah tinggi untuk memanggil anwar membela diri, itu pun rakyat sudah tau kputusannya infact itu semua sudah di jangka, ini bermakna strategi UMNO/BN sudah boleh di baca oleh rakyat jelata, kalau benar lah anwawr di penjara maka jgn mimpi UMNO/BN nak mempertahankan putrajaya....sama-sama lah kita tunggu dan lihat apa yg akan terjadi GE13 nanti.

  12. Silaplah pergi compare sifat pengundi Malaysia dengan pengundi US. Comparison yang tak setara - dorang tu negara maju, adatlah dalam negara yang dah maju maka perkara infra asas dah tak (atau tak patut) jadi isu lagi. Kita ni, baru 50+ tahun merdeka, dok terkial-kial lagi.

    Ce compare keadaan Malaysia hari ini dengan US selepas 50+ tahun dorang merdeka. Ada ke justice untuk kaum minoriti? Itu baru sekadar satu misalan, sekadar contoh.

  13. Rakyat must not vote out of sympathy for Anwar. They vote because they want CHANGE ! Period.

  14. Dear Dato....Tak payah suruh Anwar volunteer masuk jel....suruh najib dan bn berundur sementara waktu...biar pakatan buat apa yg depa rancang, lagipun yg di rancang semua itu ada lah untuk kebaikan rakyat dan negara....biar perbetulkan balik kebabasan mahkamah, polis, jkr spr dan lain2....ameno dan bn sementara itu cuci rumah2 mereka....

  15. Tembelang,

    Org indonesia pun tak duduk mengungkit2 mcm kerajaan malaysia. Dah sememangnya tugas kerajaan untuk membangunkan negara dan menjaga rakyat, kalau rasa ianya satu bebanan beri lah peluang kepada orang lain pula untuk menerajui negara ini. Ibu bapa kamu selalu mengungkit ke tentang kewajiban mereka terhadap kamu? Perlu ke seorang guru berterima kasih kerana anak muridnya menyiapkan kerja sekolah yang beri kepada mereka?

  16. Why should Anwar volunteers to go to jail?He must be insane to do that.The problem is not with Anwar but with UMNO top leaders who want to use Anwar as their political capital or may be they are mere stooges to carry further Dr.M's agenda.Anwar afterall was their bigwig together with Dr.M and his only was to lawan towkay at the wrong time and a wrong towkay who was and still is a tongkang hardened warrior.Our judiciary is perceived as nothing more than a normal government department always a yes sir to UMNO.Let the two factions fight and we the people can see Malaysia being self transformed to a better country.A real learning curve for the nation.The bastardly attacks on Anwar only serve to shame the Malays as an uncouth race or to some as mamaks infested race.