Wednesday, 25 May 2011

UMNO and its farcical morality

I wrote a short article about Anwar volunteering going to jail. The term volunteer- I used in a wide sense; including Anwar conceding to whatever fate the BN government metes out to him. That action if he so chooses is to serve a purpose. The purpose is to hasten the downfall of the present national government.
But Anwar is a recalcitrant and stubborn is his middle name.
That short article was actually meant for UMNO people; to get them familiar with sophisticated thinking. The message is: send Anwar to jail, we will hasten the downfall of the UMNO government.
The weight of evidence this far indicates that Anwar's next stop will be the jail. He will spend maybe 10 years by which time he will be in his 70s. He won't see his children grow into adulthood and perhaps will not see a number of his children getting married.
The public can perhaps accept the punishment meted to Anwar. Indeed, the public does not really care about Anwar anymore. But what does the government in, is the collateral punishment unjustifiably meted out to his family- his wife, his children, his grandchildren. Public disapproval of this unjustifiable tyranny visited upon the family is what will do in the government.
Anwar will succeed in representing the government as a tyrant and heartless ogre.
UMNO is not handling Anwar the right way. I have written some time ago, of the option of using outside experts from the FBI or that time, the idea was laughed off.
We could have subjected the forensic investigation under the terms of a royal commission of inquiry. That way, right from the beginning UMNO would have cut off any inferred linkage to the production of the video. In effect, that action if taken would signal to everyone, the 3 jokers were acting on their own driven by personal agenda. UMNO shouldn't have gotten involved by default at all.
That would also stop the spin undertaken by the audio visual and print media linked to UMNO. That would have also stopped the opposition from crashing in with their own spins.
At that time, what I wrote was received with much skepticism. There were accusations that such a proposal would suggest that our police experts at home are not as skillful as foreign experts. That wasn't the inference at all- but it would demolish any accusations about our local police being bought over by the government. The opposition parties would seize on this point.
Now it's too late. The media frenzy that accompanied the revelation of the trio, turned what initially could have been an advantage into a general rejection of the veracity of the story. Now, even if we can prove that it was indeed Anwar who is the actor in the porn clips, general distrust and cynicism would destroy any balance of truth in the sex scandal.
We actually don't care whether Anwar is the sex culprit or not. The videos shown were probably old film clips showing Anwar's sexcapades. He is morally culpable. He answers to the people whose faith in him is somewhat shaken. He answers to his loving family.
The public cannot find the stomach to tolerate the injustice forced on Wan Azizah and her family. What the government has done as a result of its own sluggishness and mental blockage is to allow itself be regarded as a tyrannical bully.
Some UMNO people and their hired cyber writers are sanctimonious bastards. They get agitated and thin skinned when the party is referred to as pandy kutty- I think that means a party of pigs or something like that. Or it's used in a more general sense to refer to a party using filthy tactics that is compared to pigs dirtying themselves. I watched the video showing Anwar using that term and understood it to mean, a general term applied to a party using filthy tactics.
But UMNO people have long used the term BABI on Anwar. That's not applied in a general sense but targeted at a particular human being with a particular intention. It's used on a personal basis.
Why should UMNO be sanctimonious when the party is referred to as pandy kutty when it's a language some UMNO bastards are at home with?
There is an absolute revulsion at the gross injustice visited upon Wan Azizah and her family. There is almost a general acceptance that UMNO uses all the filthy methods to defeat a mortal opponent.


  1. I say M for UMNO now stands for "mendacity".

  2. The last time I checked, even possessing a pornographic video is a crime in Malaysia. What's more if you have a public viewing or distribute it.

    So going by your logic, the next time a person is caught with a pornographic video; forget about him.

    It is more important to get the video authenticated and to identify the players in the video. Better still, get the help of FBI, Interpol etc just in case some smart joker link the production of such video to Umno.

    I can only guess that Umno people have a weird sense of upholding the country's law...

  3. Dear Dato, Sometimes we write and critised people indirectly so that they will have that feel good feeling.What these supossedly smart clowns couldn't figure out is that we are testing their intelligence.If Anwar does go to jail,it will be a collateral damage for a good cause.Then Umno and its lapdogs Mca and Mic will feel the brunt of people's power.Then Umnoputras and its cronies will get to feel the life of luxury living courtesy of Camp Kamunting.Then Anwar will be out in no time,and can retire with pride and dignity.Najib as usual with the clowns around him and the jokers at AG's and PDRM can do no right.What is the difference with using a video camera to record a child playing with a teddy bear,and recording two dummies having sex.The former video shows a child playing with a teddy bear.The latter shows two dummies having sex.But are the tapes authenthic? Of course they are.But is the tape showing Anwar having sex authentic? Of course it is.But is the actor Anwar? This you have to ask Anwar. As far as I am concern a bedroom romp between two consenting adults is non of my business.If the PDRM and AG want to spend such anormous time on this slut video then who is going to chase after the crooks running loose on the streets.Najib is having the wrong people doing the wrong job.To get the FBI's lab to verify the authenticity of a sex tape over two adults having consentual sex ? They must have thought what type of jokers we have over here.Just imagine the looks on their faces if they only knew that the three Datuk T clowns are still running loose.These people have caused a lot of hurt and embarrasment to Anwar's family.It's time for Najib as president of Umno to come out and bring a closure to this garbage.The only way Najib can do this is to appologised to Wan Azizah and family.Najib, now is the time to show all Malaysians that you are a true leader.Leader's should lead and not to be led.

  4. Dato', let it be known... that Najib is the head clown.
    Low class leaders and pariahs a plenty in UMNO now. Sorry sir I am withdrawing from the pandy kutty party for good.
    And good luck to you di dunia dan akhirat.

  5. The fact that the 3 stooges in the datuk trio are still free and roaming the streets enjoying their high life is sufficient evidence to connect UMNO to the 3 stooges. If the tables were reversed, meaning, the 3 stooges were from the opposition and the alleged actor is say, the PM, DPM or even a senior UMNO cabinet minister, rest assured the police would have immediately arrested the 3 opposition stooges for possession/screening of porn material without the need for further investigation. The Home Minister and AG will certainly think of something to detain the 3 opposition stooges under ISA while the 3 stooges remain in jail. Then the final blow would come from Perkasa/Pembela/Perak Mufti/JAKIM declaring the 3 opposition stooges and their opposition parties as un-Islamic and kafirs.

    The above will be the public's perception and who is to say that the perception will not be a reality.

  6. More village chiefs get sex video CDs in the mail

    I don't see how UMNO/BN can plead innocence.


  7. Normally this article would have appeared in sakmongkol 47. But never mind I can read it anywhere as long as it activates my thinking faculties.
    I am a Christian. I will vote against the government on only one issue..... the humiliation of Anwar and his family.
    Any man with a conscience would never condone such devilish and inhuman act against a fellow human being.
    Anyone who believes in God will shun this BN government just on this issue alone.
    I am surprised how some people can pray 5 times a day and laugh and enjoy this humiliation of a Malay/Muslim family?

  8. I am surprised how some people can pray 5 times a day and laugh and enjoy this humiliation of a Malay/Muslim family?
    To Anon : the Muslim who pray 5 times will not resort to this filthy accusation. They will not even trust cause if they really pray 5 times as what Muslim must do, they will not compromise with the accusation. Those who laugh and enjoy this humiliation are NOT MUSLIM. Trust me! They are only MUSLIM by name or Muslim since born from a Muslim couple.

  9. Anwar pun ada buat kesilapan. Samada dia meliwat atau berzina, hanya Allah SWT yang tahu. Kesilapan besar Anwar adalah berkawan rapat dengan bangsa yang memang kita tahu suka membelit kawan. Walaupun dah convert ke Islam, namun tak ada pun menurut cara hidup Islam. Kan peribahasa Melayu ada menerangkan...Kalau jumpa .???...dengan ular, hendaklah bunuh ...???..dulu. Ramai lagi bangsa Melayu yang Anwar boleh jadikan kawan rapat dan bantu, pergi pulak bantu bangsa .......!! So jawablah sendiri!!

  10. KeluargaBahagia27 May 2011 at 01:41

    Sihat semua hendaknya,

    Mmg semua manusia membuat silap, kerana itu la makhluk Allah dinamakan manusia iaitu tidak maksum.

    Dan manusia diberi peluang oleh allah agar bertaubat kerana allah taala agar tidak mengulangi kesilapan yang lalu..

    Maksudnya kalau nak "bertaubat" tu tak payah la nak keluar tv atau nak beritahu semua rakyat yg kita dah taubat.. hanya KERANA allah ta'ala dah memadai.

    Itu hak allah samada terima atau tidak , waulahua'alam.

    Kesilapan yang sgt besar dari pemimpin politik sekarang ni samada umno atau pun pr serta pengikutnya ialah "suka mengaibkan" seseorg hingga ke "tulang hitam".

    Tapi yang jelas ialah peristiwa kes liwat 1, di mana SETIAP HARI Datin Seri Azizah dimalukan, diabkan oleh media-media umno samada elektronik seperti tv dan media suratkhabar..

    Now datang pula liwat II dan video lucah, "mereka-mereka" yang bertopengkan ISLAM makin rancak mengaib dan memfitnah kan keluarga Datin Seri Azizah lagi terutamanya blog-blog upahan umno atau blog invidual yang mengaku kerana Agama(TAK TAU LA AGAMA APA YG DUK AJAR BEGITU) Bangsa(PENTING SGT KER BANGSA DARI AGAMA ISLAM) dan Negara(TAK SANGKA PULA MALAYSIA DAN PEMIMPIN YANG MEMEGANG TAMPUK KUASA MENGGALAKKAN PENYEBARAN, FITNAH, MAKI SERANAH SERTA MENGAIBKAN MANUSIA LAIN)..

    Utk En Fooart,
    Elok jika HILANGKAN la perasaan benci pada sesuatu bangsa tu..

    Pepatah Melayu, "marahkan sekor nyamuk, takkan satu kelambu nak dibakarnya"..

    Kalau kita paham kejadian manusia oleh ALLAH yg maha kuasa tu, tiada bangsa yang hendak dilahirkan sebagai seorg BUKAN islam.

    Jadi kalau kita ni mengaku melayu ISLAM, kita kena la tarbiyah/dakwah/tarekat kan ajaran islam yang mulia ini kepada bangsa-bangsa yang bukan keturunan ISLAM.. not just MELAYU..

    UMNO parti melayu so called "terbesar" tetapi BERAPA kerat pemimpinnyer yang matian-matian mengikut cara islam dari segi pemerintahan dan pimpinan mereka?

    Harap sesama kita jelaskan.

  11. To Keluarga Bahagia,

    terima kasih kerana teguran saudara. Benar kata saudara, dan kadang saya pun melampaui batas dalam menilai sesuatu kaum. Maybe pengalaman kut :-)Anyway, saya terima teguran saudara sebagai satu cara untuk memperbetulkan diri saya lagi, Insyaallah.

  12. Tahniah Fooart, pengakuan saudara menguja, saudara ada harapan menuju kebahagiaan...